Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Kraken Unboxing!

I am super excited because I just received my Kraken in the mail. It came in a small box that was very efficiently packed.  The gummy bears and the sticker were a nice touch!

Here are all the components laid out:

A close up of all the hot ends in a bag, disassembled:
This is the cold block that the hot ends slide into. You can see the cooling line barbs sticking up in the middle and the 4 holes for the filament tubing in black.
This is the cooling pump for the cold block. It is quite tiny but the mounting stand is a nice touch.
Here are the thermistors. I believe that they are the 100 K Ohm NTC kind.
I have big plans for this Kraken so stay tuned for a new extruder I am working on.

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